Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue + Yellow = Happiness

Admittedly, I'm poaching this idea from The Sartorialist, which is one of my favorite blogs. If you haven't ever checked it out, I suggest you do so immediately (disclaimer: this site is the equivalent of blog crack. You're sure to be immediately addicted). I know that wearing blue and yellow together is not a novel idea, but after I saw the post about the trend, which apparently is big in London, I couldn't help but feel a burning desire to construct an outfit for myself. And, I have to say, throwing in poodles & stripes as my blue element, well... double the happiness. The dogs also happened to be a great conversation starter when I wore this outfit out one Saturday night. I credit Brit from Flight of the Conchords for single-handedly bringing critters back in vogue.

Poodle Tank: West Kei * Yellow Cardigan: Kersh * Skirt: BCBGeneration *
Blue Sweater Tights: Hue * Shoes: Chelsea Crew *Watch: Invicta


  1. You are WAY too cool for me. Awesome blog site, Lis!!! Yeah!!!

  2. Lis- the comment above is from D Dog

  3. Heyyy, It's Jess. I love this look!! So cute.