Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Montreal, Quebec & The Traveler's Conundrum

As I mentioned before, Aaron and I just returned from a trip to Quebec Province. We spent most of our time in Montreal and Quebec City. I love, love, LOVE Montreal; it's such a fantastic and energetic city. I love to travel, period, but sometimes planning and packing can be difficult. It's always the same thing: how can I look somewhat fashionable, yet be prepared for all weather and for walking for miles and miles each day? Even as an avid traveler, it has taken me years to get to a point where I can pack quickly and efficiently. I've done some posts on business travel, but I thought it would be fun to share some of rules and some go-to items for recreational travel. Here are my travel words of wisdom.

Rule #1: Comfort over style
This does not mean that it's ok to wear mom jeans and sneakers when traveling, or, equally offensive, a tight velour Juicy Couture sweatsuit. What this rule translates to is simply thus: if the shoes are going to kill your feet, save them for short walks at home. If you're going to freeze your ass off because you really, really want to wear your new tank, then layer it underneath something.

Rule #2: If you don't wear it at home (or haven't worn it in 3 years), don't take it on vacation
Just because you dig in your closet and you feel somehow obliged to wear it, DON'T! You cannot resuscitate a bad sweater with guilt. This rule does not apply to beachwear, hiking boots, travel pants, or anything specifically reserved for vacation. If you haven't worn it in three years, it means that you're due for a vacation. Enough said.

Rule #3: Layer, Layer, Layer
Unless you're off to the tropics in the dead of summer, it's always wise to bring a long sleeve shirt, a cardigan (or multiple), a scarf, and a jacket. Even if it's hot, we all know that air conditioned buildings are not. Bringing an umbrella and a rain jacket aren't a bad idea either (if needed).

Rule #4 Repeat
It's ok. I promise. The fashion police are not going to seek you out just because you've been recycling the same 2 pairs of pants your entire vacation. I promise!

Rule #5 (and perhaps the most important)
Keep a travel bag ready with your traveling toiletries. Nothing stresses me out more than having to search for and pack mini sized goods every time I take a trip. If you keep it all in a ready-to-go bag, you'll be much better off. Then you can devote more time to shoe selection!

Here are a few pictures of beautiful Quebec City:

Tee: 4 Paix * Vest: H&M * Pants: GAP * Bag: Coach * Shoes: Boutique 9 *Scarf: From DSW

I also wanted to share this necklace with you. I bought it in Quebec City at Point d'exclamation. It was made by local designer Diane Bergeron. I absolutely love it! I probably wore it the first 6 out of 7 days that I owned it.

And I'll leave you with two more photos-- in the first one I'm enjoying Moules Frites in Montreal, and in the second one I'm learning how maple syrup is made.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stellar Stripes

First of all, sorry for the long delay between posts! I just returned from a trip to Montreal and Quebec City, and I didn't have any time to blog while I was away. We had a wonderful vacation, but I am so happy to be back in my own home, in my own wonderful city!

I bought this skirt at a vintage shop in Montreal (the vintage shops there are fantastic!), and I couldn't wait to get home to blog it! I am looking forward to wearing it with my new Madewell boots, but since we are in the midst of our Indian Summer, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather! I felt so glam wearing this skirt... too bad I was stuck at my desk nearly all day, and I was mostly only able to parade around my office. Next time I need to wear it on a Saturday!

Details: Skirt & Blouse: Vintage * Shoes: Via Spiga * Purse: from Bangkok market