Sunday, March 27, 2011

Business Travel--Part 1

It's Sunday night, and first thing in the morning I'm off for my 2nd business trip in as many weeks. Knowing that I only had 3 days at home, I didn't even bother to unpack this weekend! So as per usual, I got home tonight after a day filled with Bay Area fun (miniature golf, the movies, a lobster roll at Sam's Chowder House, mmmmm...) and ran straight into the bedroom for my pre-trip ritual: digging in my closet and playing dress up until half my wardrobe is on the floor (I decided to blog about it rather than pick it up! Procrastination is under-rated). It got me thinking--can I put together some tips on travel wear? I travel so frequently for work that I consider myself to be a business travel expert packer. There's so much to consider: different climates, fabric wrinkling, the extreme temperatures on the plane, SHOES! It has taken me years to learn how to bring fewer pairs of shoes than days of travel... pathetic, I know. But now I start with the shoes (I try to just bring one work shoe, possibly a travel shoe, and my running shoes) and go from there. I'm traveling to a warm climate tomorrow which means all of my neglected summery clothes have been vying for my attention. It's wonderful that I get to wear my peep-toe shoes and pretty blouses, but it's hard to narrow it down! I want to wear it all!

Anyhow, back to the shoes...a wise choice of shoe is a comfortable one, especially if you're planning to walk a lot or you're on your feet for long periods of time. Now, comfort does not need to be synonomous with ugly, I promise! I frequently notice when scoping out other ladies' outfits in the hotel elevator that so many women are still stuck on pointy-toed stiletto heels. Really? There are so many flats, round-toe, thicker heel (or wedge) shoes that look just as sexy and/or powerful as any pointy toe. I know, Stacy and Clinton always tell you a pointy toe gives a longer line and makes your legs look longer... but notice in the last few years they've stopped saying that? Because there are so many other options!

I will post some travel outfits this week, but for now I'll let you ponder shoes...and here are a few delights that fit my above criteria (all descriptions are linked in case you want to buy!).

Until later in the week... ciao!

Sam Edelman Ionia in Flamingo Pink $110

Sam Edelman Wynonna in Antique Gold-Sale $160
Bandolino Jenay $72

Seychelles Aquamarine $72
Kate Spade New York Karolina in Strawberry Patent $298
Seychelles Pot of Gold $90

MICHAEL Michael Kors Tonne Bootie $185
Tory Burch Sylvia Linen Pump $325
Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo - You don't want to know the price on this one ($795)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skirts to Swoon Over

Did you get the memo?  

BRIGHTS ARE IN!! Dreamy corals, bright oranges, electric blues, hooray! It's so easy to fall into the trap of wearing black and gray all the time....I haven't seen too many signs of spring yet, but that's no reason not to add a little spring to your wardrobe! Here are a few (cheery) skirts to spice up your wardrobe. 

Lily White Banded Skirt $22

Wear this with tights and black booties until you can bare your gams. This would look great with a tucked in tank and a boyfriend jacket or even a plain black tee.

Mac & Jac slim floral skirt $45


Illuminated Pyramid Skirt $39.99

BB Dakota Blue Moon Skirt $39.99 (sale!)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eye Candy

Emma Watson shooting a commercial for Lancome. I need this outfit. Stat.

Frankly, I could do without Madonna's outfit, althought I guess she deserves props for pushing the envelope. Her daugher Lourdes, however, is killing it. Her look is age appropriate, but women of any age could wear that dress. Gorgeous!

Lake Bell in a gorgeous Basil Soda dress.

Rachel Roy looking tres chic!

Check out this Water for Elephants trailer. The costumes (particularly Reese Witherspoon's) are stunning!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lovely Patty

I spend a fair amount of my life fantasizing about having my own "What Not to Wear" -style TV show. Whenever I get to style my friends' closets or purge their wardrobes, I get to live out the fantasy a little. In this case, it was less of a "what not to wear" and more of a "you look awesome please wear this" scenario. My style partner in crime (the lovely and oh-so-stylish Raina) and I teamed up to style Patty's wardrobe, and what you'll see in this post is a little taste of the results. Having a gorgeous subject with an uh-mazing wardrobe made it all the more fun.

These looks can be easily recreated, and if you're curious about any of the pieces, submit a comment and I'll do my best to tell you what they are and where you can find them. If you take anything away from this, let it be that sometimes you have just what you need in your closet; you might just need a rainy Thursday night and a couple of girlfriends to take it that extra mile.

(Oh, and I apologize in advance, my camera was apparently not focusing properly and these pictures are a little blurry.)

I'm starting out with this look, because frankly, Patty looks gorgeous! In case you have a short attention span and don't have the patience to make it to the bottom of the post, I didn't want you to miss out on this! This simple black blazer paired with a v-neck white tee and a stunning necklace creates an efforlessly cool and chic day or night look. The necklace gives it that extra pizazz, which turns an otherwise plain sort of look fabulous! Also notice the nude wedge--an all-around staple this season.
Don't be afraid to mix patterns, in fact, I encourage it (Mondo Guerra, anyone!??!). A of my colleagues that solicit fashion advice fall victim to owning an entire wardrobe of solids. If you're terrified of pattern, then start small: purchase a blouse with small polka dots (like the one seen here), or buy a sweater with stripes. If you're feeling more adventurous, try a boldly patterned skirt or a floral dress, which can easily be paired with a cardigan to make it office appropriate. Check out how fabulous this polka dot and plaid combination looks!

This blouse is unbelievably multi-functional. I love this look--leaving the tie down and pairing it with a chunky sweater and a wide-leg trouser. The fun shoe sets off the outfit, but a simple black or grey pair would look great too.

A new trend that I'm starting to see is layering cardigans. I love this short-sleeved grey cardigan over the rose pink one. This is a fun look to get us through the cold until spring!

This gorgeous peasant blouse offers a lot of different looks, and mixing up the accessories and shoes can keep the look fresh.

Again, a statement necklace can really spice up an outfit.  

Shorts are completely en vogue right now, so pair them with a wedge or a platform heel for a hot date outfit.

Downplay a dress with a great belt and a cardigan to make it great for day wear (and for climates like San Francisco, layering a cardigan means you might actually get to wear a sundress more than twice a year).

This is one of my favorite outfits! I feel like she should be drinking Cuba Libres in Havana. Salud! 

Pairing a cropped leather jacket over a sweater looks effortlessly cool. Black leather is great, but a cognac or brown shade is so modern.

And now , a testament to Patty's ridiculously awesome taste in shoes--a pair of incredible Chloe boots. I have such major boot envy I can't see straight. Patty even let me try them on (conveniently, we wear the same size shoe). What can I say? HEAVEN.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wardrobe Essential: The Black Pant

A really easy and practical way to give your wardrobe a little boost is to find a hot little black pant. They can be perfect for work and play, and who doesn't love that? It's refreshing to see all the styles available: skinny, slim, bootcut, straight leg, wide leg, and my new favorite, the modern take on the harem pant.

Depending on your body type, some styles may fit better than others. A lot of my friends are still reluctant to try skinny jeans/pants... the trick is to find a true skinny pair (fits snugly all the way down your leg) if you have slender and proportionate legs, or if you're a little heavier proportionately on the bottom, try a slim pair (fits snugly on most of the leg, and then below the knee loosens up slightly--this will create more balance). Wide leg trousers also look great on women with smaller waists and thicker legs. If you're thicker through the middle, just be weary of wearing a super tight pant and squishing out in your mid-section. If you fit this body type, try a slim pant with a blousier shirt or sweater (and make sure it falls near or below your tush). Or wearing an oversize cardigan always makes a confident statement.

A really chic style right now is a black slim capri. Typically I would tell you to stay as far away as possible from cropped pants (we are talking stay as far away from them as you should stay away from Charlie Sheen), but with the slim leg they are more flattering and completely adorable. Just avoid a capri that flares out at the bottom at all costs, unless you are practicing yoga (and even then it's questionable). I feel bad for GAP (who, in general, I think makes very poor design decisions), who really tried to push this look about four years ago (does anyone remember all those Audrey Hepburn ads?). It turns out they were on to something... we just weren't ready for it yet.

Anyhow, I've taken the liberty to scour some websites and to find some really cute styles at different price points. I've done all the work for you--now get shopping!


This is the big score--Cheap Monday Julian Draped pants for $45!

I love these, and they look so comfortable. They're James Jeans Blake Trouser Sweat pants ($172). Don't be fooled by the name--it would be a travesty to use these as lounge pants that never see the light of day.

Club Monaco Blair Pants ($129). A friend of mine just bought these and they are adorable. You can roll the cuff to make them even more hip.


Express Striped Stacked Wide Waistband Editor ($69.90)These would look perfect with a button-down blouse and a chic little vest.

Express Ankle Pant (love them) for $49.50.

Express Studio Stretch Columnist Pant ($59.50)


Costume National Straight Leg Trousers ($660)

DKNY Stretch Wool Trousers ($225)


INC Wide Waistband Boot Cut ($69)

INC Skinny Leg 5 Pocket Ankle Zipper Knit (onsale! $24.99--a steal!)


GAP Cropped Pant (49.50)

GAP Really Skinny Pant ($59.50)

Remember that you can wear any shoe with your black pants: a pump, a wedge, a flat, a gladiator. Oxfords or mocassins are a good bet if you're looking for flats. Anything goes!