Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wardrobe Essential: The Black Pant

A really easy and practical way to give your wardrobe a little boost is to find a hot little black pant. They can be perfect for work and play, and who doesn't love that? It's refreshing to see all the styles available: skinny, slim, bootcut, straight leg, wide leg, and my new favorite, the modern take on the harem pant.

Depending on your body type, some styles may fit better than others. A lot of my friends are still reluctant to try skinny jeans/pants... the trick is to find a true skinny pair (fits snugly all the way down your leg) if you have slender and proportionate legs, or if you're a little heavier proportionately on the bottom, try a slim pair (fits snugly on most of the leg, and then below the knee loosens up slightly--this will create more balance). Wide leg trousers also look great on women with smaller waists and thicker legs. If you're thicker through the middle, just be weary of wearing a super tight pant and squishing out in your mid-section. If you fit this body type, try a slim pant with a blousier shirt or sweater (and make sure it falls near or below your tush). Or wearing an oversize cardigan always makes a confident statement.

A really chic style right now is a black slim capri. Typically I would tell you to stay as far away as possible from cropped pants (we are talking stay as far away from them as you should stay away from Charlie Sheen), but with the slim leg they are more flattering and completely adorable. Just avoid a capri that flares out at the bottom at all costs, unless you are practicing yoga (and even then it's questionable). I feel bad for GAP (who, in general, I think makes very poor design decisions), who really tried to push this look about four years ago (does anyone remember all those Audrey Hepburn ads?). It turns out they were on to something... we just weren't ready for it yet.

Anyhow, I've taken the liberty to scour some websites and to find some really cute styles at different price points. I've done all the work for you--now get shopping!


This is the big score--Cheap Monday Julian Draped pants for $45!

I love these, and they look so comfortable. They're James Jeans Blake Trouser Sweat pants ($172). Don't be fooled by the name--it would be a travesty to use these as lounge pants that never see the light of day.

Club Monaco Blair Pants ($129). A friend of mine just bought these and they are adorable. You can roll the cuff to make them even more hip.


Express Striped Stacked Wide Waistband Editor ($69.90)These would look perfect with a button-down blouse and a chic little vest.

Express Ankle Pant (love them) for $49.50.

Express Studio Stretch Columnist Pant ($59.50)


Costume National Straight Leg Trousers ($660)

DKNY Stretch Wool Trousers ($225)


INC Wide Waistband Boot Cut ($69)

INC Skinny Leg 5 Pocket Ankle Zipper Knit (onsale! $24.99--a steal!)


GAP Cropped Pant (49.50)

GAP Really Skinny Pant ($59.50)

Remember that you can wear any shoe with your black pants: a pump, a wedge, a flat, a gladiator. Oxfords or mocassins are a good bet if you're looking for flats. Anything goes!

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