Monday, May 16, 2011

The billowy blouse

There is something ridiculously romantic about the silky blouses that are so ubiquitous right now. I first thought to buy one after seeing my friend Patty's gorgeous blouse while styling her wardrobe. I'm pretty sure she said she purchased in the early 90s. How fortuitous that she kept it!

Patty, rocking her blouse

Nude, rose, pinkish hues are all the rage, but any I'm starting to see a much more diversified palette. What I love about the light pink is that it truly seems to look good on everyone. I recently bought mine during one of Saks Fifth Avenue's Fashion Fixes, a devilishly tempting sale where certain designers are featured at over 50% off (to sign up, just create an account on their website).  

I paired mine for its debut with my black skinny pants and a vintage-inspired belt to give me a bit of shape. I love that this shirt can be easily tucked in or worn untucked to show the shirttails. I'll share my outfit and then share a few similar blouses to "prettify" your wardrobe.

Shirt: Chelsea Flower * Pants: GAP * Shoes: Sam Edelman

Now for your shopping pleasure:

Alice & Olivia Haylen Blouse
DVF Gyls Blouse- in purple or white!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Florence

Vince Draped Front Blouse

Daniel Rainn Nima


Tinley Road

Baily 44- Make Hay While the Sun Still Shines Shirt

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