Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thread Treasures

I ended up going to the Thread show for a few hours last weekend, and there are two companies that particularly stood out to me amongst the many. I only bought one piece at the show, but what a piece it is! I totally fell in love with designer Kathryn McCarron's edgy, Japan-aesthetic-meets-American-knitwear designs. They are insanely comfortable and completely wearable, and are designed to flatter every body type. Curious yet?

Here's what I bought:

This top (sweatshirt meets t-shirt with a side of lace) is just so versatile! It would be easy to wear with leggings, skinny jeans, gray jeans, a black mini, a maxi skirt, etc! I can promise, I'll be wearing it this weekend! I didn't end up buying the leggings, pictured on the model here, even though they were so adorable. They're black with what looks like a gray pair of shorts paired over them, only that's the construction! Part gray, part black. Clever, I tell you!

Kathryn was quite lovely as well--very gracious and super cool. Here are a couple shots of the lady herself (wearing her own designs, of course) and of her little makeshift "boutique" at Thread.

Another boutique I took a liking to was Liva Mira. Funky, eclectic jewelry hand-made by the founder, Kristen Brillantes. As if the jewelry itself isn't cool enough, for every purchase, a care package is sent to a child in need in the Philippines. I was fortunate to meet Kristen, who is insanely adorable on top of being a talented artist. Her jewelry is incredibly affordable too. Check out these rings.

A picture Kristen and her friend Emerson:

Last, I'll leave you with a gorgeous shot of San Francisco on an unusually sunny day--some models from the Thread fashion-off, in which local bloggers styled models for a competition. 

And one more of the models--my favorite is the cream outfit!


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  2. Hi there! I did and yours is amazing (and I'm now following it). Makes me want to step mine up!