Saturday, April 9, 2011

Business Travel--Part 2

As promised, here are a few shots of my week of travel. Full disclosure: I ended up not being able to take pictures one day, so I put the outfit back on and took pictures when I got home. Also, I left my camera in the taxi I took to the airport, so all we had was an iPhone... so the pictures aren't the most amazing. Still trying to track down that camera, dammit! I think it's a travel casualty!

I want to say a special thanks to Sharon, my colleague and travel buddy for the week, who was a very patient iPhone photographer!
Day 1: Preppy comfort

I'm wearing GAP's really skinny pants that I previously blogged about, a Polo striped golf shirt (purchased at Ross in the middle of nowhere Delaware), and my trusty TOMS. I decided to wear my statement glasses to add a touch of interest to my look, since the outfit isn't anything ground breaking!

Day 2: Slighty vintage

I absolutely love this Reiss blouse, but I don't get to wear it that often. I love the ruffles paired with the buttons on the back, which gives it a vintage feel. It's 100% silk and it doesn't wrinkle (I'm surprised at how well silk travels). Also, it takes up basically no space in my suitcase. A black (or cream!) blazer could be added if the look needs to be a bit more "professional." That would hide the details of the blouse, but it would be a good day-to-night outfit.

I paired the top with a simple black skirt--my absolute go-to item when I travel for work. It never wrinkles and it goes well with 90% of the tops in my wardrobe as well as 90% of my shoes. I added a low French braid to the bottom of my hair, which as you can see, didn't completely survive the day!! I'm still experimenting with hairstyles, since this is the longest my hair has been in nearly two decades.

Day 3: Mixing pattern with brights

I'm wearing a Design History tee with a Liquid skirt. Do you think the ruffly sleeves are too much paired with the bold pattern of the skirt? I couldn't decide... usually I wear this skirt with a less voluminous top.

The Shoes:

These Antonio Melani very low wedges are perfect for me--since I'm a trainer, I'm sometimes standing for 6-8 hours during my work day. I got these over the holidays when I was visiting my family in Colorado Springs. I absoutely love them, and you know what I love even more? Scoring a fabulous pair of peep toes in the dead of winter in CO! The distressed antique gold look give them a vintage vibe, while the buckles lend them a modern feel.

The Earrings:

I bought these beauties at a little Noe Valley boutique, Successories in the Button Box. There is some really cute jewelry there, most notably, rings fashioned from vintage buttons.


  1. I love these pics!!!! I almost have those same black pants. Now I know what to wear with them now that it's getting warmer- it was just a tank and cardigan every time. One question-- that Reiss top-- how on earth do you button that one up if you're traveling solo? and btw, JEALOUS you got the San Antonio trip :)

  2. Ha! I suppose I'm used to securing myself into my's not as hard as it looks. xoxo