Saturday, March 16, 2013

Band of Horses

Yesterday Aaron and I took the day off work, solely with the intent of catching up on sleep and spending some time together sans Sylvie. My work schedule has been insane, and we are still recovering from a fun few weeks in which Sylvie was waking hourly throughout the night. We ended up catching up on rest, enjoying some seriously good eats at Brenda's Soul Food, and then squeezing in a massage before picking up the critter from daycare. Glorious, I tell you!

I threw on this outfit without the intention of blogging, but then decided, what the hell? Why not? I have so little free time these days, I may as well capitalize when I do!

I've had this shirt for several years but due to a less-than-perfect fit, I haven't worn it much until recently. I think that perhaps, for better or for worse, I've become less concerned with my clothes always being snug and fitting just so. Maybe it's because I'm still trying to shake the end of the baby weight, and nothing looks that spectacular anyhow! All you mommas out there can probably relate!

Enjoying a Shrimp Po-Boy at Brenda's

Blouse: H & M
Jacket: OVI (last seen here)
Jeans: Dollhouse (last seen here)
Booties: H & M
Bag: Coach

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