Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gypsy Chic & Johnny Depp

I love boho chic. I can't pull it off the way the Olsen twins do, with layer upon layer, accessory on top of accessory. I can't score Johnny Depp either though, so I guess I don't have a lot in common with the Olsens (have you heard? Johnny Depp is rumored to be dating Ashley. Lucky girl.).

Anyhow, I got this dress at my favorite local boutique, Ambiance. They had posted it on Facebook, and I made a beeline to get it, realizing that it'll be a great maternity dress, and that I'll be able to wear it after baby arrives too! I love it so much that I bought another similar dress by the same designer in a shorter version. I'm a total sucker for prints, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm sick of stripes!

I don't really understand why maternity clothes all look like you're meant to conceal your body and blend into the wall. Thank the fashion gods that I can fit into non-maternity clothes and not be a wallflower. You know me--I ain't going down like that!

So here it is, with a little added bonus of a clutch and beautiful gold scarf to make it an evening look (for my fantasy social life. In reality, I came home to make dinner, and if I can stay awake long enough, I might catch a little boob tube!).

Dress: Janette Fashion
Shoes: Mossimo (from Target; they're ancient)
Bracelet: Amrita Singh (last seen here)
Necklace: from Ambiance
Gold Clutch: Urban Expressions (last seen here)
Shawl: my mother's


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    1. Thanks Erin! By the way, did you get those shoes my mom and I both got? I totally thought of you when we bought them!

  2. That dress is genius. You're such a goddess! And Ambiance is one of my fave places to shop in SF xx

    1. Thanks, Kaitlyn! Ambiance + my bank account are mortal enemies.

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    1. Thanks dahling! Hope you and the kiddos are great! xo

  4. Awww!! Love this dress!! You are so radiant! :-)