Sunday, September 25, 2011

Katie & the Fortuitous Boot Encounter

I was in line for the loo at LAX behind Katie, who was dressed so fabulously that I had to ask her if she'd model for the blog (after we left the bathrooms, of course!). She was wearing her brand new Madewell booties (see below), so we inevitably starting talking about the newly opened Madewell store in San Francisco. I was telling her about the Madewell boots I had recently seen and desperately wanted, and lo and behold, Katie informs me that there's a 30% off all boots at Madewell that weekend. As soon as I got home from the airport, I was on the computer frantically trying to purchase those boots before the 12pm EST deadline (despite that fact that I missed the "deadline," I was still able to purchase at the discounted price!). My lovely boots are on back order, so I have to wait until Oct. to get them. Rest assured they'll make a blog debut faster than you can say "Madewell Boot Sale!" 

Here's Katie, looking beautiful in an LA-based brand and a little Austin vintage. 

On Katie: 

Booties: Madwell * Top: Creatures of Comfort * Pants: vintage from Austin * Belt: Vintage (her mother's)

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