Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tie One On

I like to judge the success of my outfits by the looks I get on public transit or as I walk down the street. Typically, I receive a wide variety, ranging from curiousity to admiration to downright contempt (usually from women, looking at me as if I'm trying too hard). When I get straight men commenting on my outfit, well that's a whole different scenario. This particular outfit elicited a number of comments from (presumably) straight men, most likely because I'm wearing a tie in San Francisco, a place where ties are practically obsolete.

I bought this blouse at Nordstrom, and immediately I thought of how cute it would be with one of my husband's skinny ties (which I bought for him, but I'm pretty sure he hasn't had an occasion to wear it yet). I wanted to juxtapose the "maleness" of the tie with some sky-high platforms. It probably would have been cooler to just be androgenous (a la Tilda Swinton), but I have to be honest about who I am (girly). I might have grown up playing street football and roller hockey with my brothers, but at the end of the day, I prefer to throw a spiral (right to the numbers) from the vantage point of a tall pair of heels.

*Tie: Penquin * Blouse: Gianetta * Skirt: Macy's INC *
 Shoes: Michael Michael Kors

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