Tuesday, June 28, 2011

70s Inspired (and a touch of Rodin)

I was initially skeptical when I heard the 70s were coming back in style. However, as with every trend, it's totally grown on me, and a few pieces have started to infiltrate my wardrobe. 

The easiest way to pull off a 70s-inspired vibe? Wedges, blousy tops, wide-bottomed jeans (bell bottoms are fantastic, but let's be honest--how many of us can really pull them off? I've seen a few who can, for sure, but if you're not comfortable with them, try a wide-leg or a slim fit with a flared hem). I like to try to avoid kitsch by keeping the pieces toned down or only wearing one. For example, I wouldn't wear a floral blouse with a flared jean (unless I miraculously got the opportunity time travel back to Woodstock).

Sunday we were putzing around Stanford and all the amazing Rodin sculptures and enjoying the sunshine, so here are a few shots. 

I wanted to show a close up of the shoe (Pink Studio), because my favorite part is the wedge!

* Blouse: Casual Couture by Green Envelope * Jeans: Silver * Belt: BCBG * Necklace and   Earrings are from India * Purse: from a market in Thailand

So what do you think about the 70s trend?

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