Sunday, January 1, 2012

Saturday Stroll

Nothing beats fresh air and lots of walking after being ill and stuck in bed/on the couch for countless days! Did anyone else get that beast of a cold that's going around? If so,  my condolences. If not, I suggest you make nice with some Emergen-C for the next, oh, say, three months! 

Aaron and I ventured out to the Mission to walk around, grab a coffee, and enjoy the vibrant city streets. I promised to blog my Madewell boots as soon as I got them, but somehow they're just making their first appearance. I wear them all the time and despite their tall heel, I can walk in them for hours (about 3 1/2, to be exact) before my feet start to hurt. I love them not only because they're comfortable, but because they are so 70s yet so modern all at once. They were definitely a great buy. 

So here's my not-very-festive New Year's Eve outfit. Kind of sad, huh? I just didn't have the energy to put on sparkles and dance the night away. I hope you all had a great time last night, and Happy New Year! 

Hat: Free People 
Aviators: Jimmy Choo
Coat: Soia & Kyo (Canadian brand, and they make a good winter coat--go figure!)
Boots: Madwell
White Crochet Sweater: MAK
Rust Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Sold Denim (my favorite!)
Watch: Invicta
Bracelets: Amrita Singh


  1. Herringbone or mini-chevron on the coat? Either way, I love it! What a great compliment to the brown boots

  2. Thanks, Linds! It's mini-chevron. I was totally sick of this coat last year, but this year I can't seem to wear it enough! xo