Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Print Pant

If you remember, a little while back, I did a post about the print dress. Never being one to wear too many solids, I'm still loving how prolific prints are--skirts, dresses, tops. Finding a printed pant takes a bit more effort. I have to attribute my interest in finding a print pant to my friend Patty, always the style watchdog. I find that every time I hang out with her I catch on to some new trend that I feel like would have passed me by had I not spent a little time with her.

I really wanted to wear these pants with a muted print top... but I don't have one, and haven't had the chance to find one. Hopefully that'll be round two for these pants.

I hope you are having a nice weekend (ideally filled with sun, especially since in looking outside my window, one could easily mistake it for a gloomy January day). Despite the weather, I'm enjoying my weekend in SF before I head out to Michigan tomorrow...nothing makes one appreciate home so much as spending weeks at a time on the road.

And a little added bonus, my friend Lisa, who looked very San Francisco casual chic for our Friday night outing.

Lisa Squared

On me: Tank: LA Made * Pants: Milkyway (from Buffalo Exchange) * Shoes: Via Spiga * Jacket: Max Studio (from Goodwill!)


  1. Thanks, Adrien!! I love them too, although for some reason I topple over in them often... they are not easy to walk in. :)

  2. your hair has gotten so long!! & I love your outfit! come shopping with me!!