Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lace and Stripes (and a little heavy metal)

Last Thursday night I went to the flagship Banana Republic store here in San Francisco for the launch event of their new Trina Turk collaboration. The designer herself was there, rocking a fabulous pageboy haircut (think Anna Wintour, but less frightening) and looking super chic. The event was a little chaotic, and since I can't fit into any of the clothes right now, I didn't last too long. However, it did inspire me to make an effort in my appearance that day! 

My friend Karly, who does marketing & web design for this cool salon in the ever-hip Austin (Birds Barbershop), told me that the new look in hair is this side swept bulky long bangs sort of deal. So I gave it a go. I actually really like it (save the pesky piece that kept falling in my face), but haven't been able to pull it off again since last week, despite my efforts. Hey, I've never claimed to be good at doing my hair!

I didn't realize until late in the day that pretty much my entire outfit was H&M. And of course the $5 GAP cardigan at bought at a flea market. Gotta love inexpensive outfits!

I know this is not a flattering picture, but I think it's hilarious!

Ring I want from Banana... I'll have to go back to buy!

Top: H & M Mama
Skirt: H & M 
Booties: H & M
Blue Shoes: Guess 
Cardi: GAP
Necklace: Gift 

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